Attach up to 100MB or rich media files to your emails

From an Invitation app we go to large file attachments… For this post we have Scott Schwanbeck from the team. He’s going to tell you all about the Attach Large Files app his company developed for Yahoo! Mail. It let’s you send up to 100MB and rich media files with your Yahoo! emails.

Andrew – Yahoo! Mail Team


Today, we’re pleased to announce that people using Yahoo! Mail now have the ability to attach up to 100MB of files to each email using’s new Attach Large Files application. Best of all, it only takes one click and there is no sign-up or registration! is the simplest way to privately share exactly what you want with whom you want online – all in real-time and across all platforms (web, mobile and more).

Our application makes it easier to share groups of photos, documents, movies and more, by combining the power of as a robust media & file sharing platform with Yahoo! Mail, one of the world’s most popular email services.

People can access the Attach Large Files app from the Applications Box in the lower left-hand corner of their Yahoo! Mail inbox and using the app is simple:

  1. Click “Attach Large Files” — this brings you to the welcome page
  2. Next click “Select Files” — add as many files from your computer as you want up to 100MB. You’ll recognize’s distinct upload interface that displays the queued files, their file size and allows you to cancel any of them either before or during upload.
  3. Next click “Upload and Compose Email” – users are brought to a new email, populated with thumbnails and links to view and download the attachments.

When your recipient opens the email, they have the option to click to view and download individual files, or the whole group.

The application allows people to save previously sent groups of attached files that can later be viewed or resent. It also integrates several useful functions like voicemail and conference calling.

The Attach Large Files app was built entirely on’s robust and open API. We are excited to see our API continue to be used as a springboard for other platforms to leverage’s powerful, real-time file sharing, collaboration and conversion engine to help power content sharing in the context of communication platforms. app

Please check out our video screencast for more details about how the app works.

We hope you enjoy sharing more files using Yahoo! Mail and the app.

-Scott Schwanbeck,



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